Rob Yontz

Rob Yontz

Resilience Coach (Health, Wellness, Fitness)



Since 2014 I have helped business professionals, front-line service providers, and health enthusiasts to holistically optimize their life journey using HRV-based health coaching. Utilizing a unique assimilative and deductive skillset that I have acquired through 35+ years of academic and professional experiences, I provide an exclusive multi-disciplinary, root cause-focused, health coaching process. I help clients develop the knowledge, self-awareness, and tactics to manage their cumulative stress effects and thereby strengthen their personal resilience. Direct benefits you can improve through working with me are an enhanced immune function, optimized cognitive function, recharged vitality, extended longevity, and increased energy capacity.


Master Fitness Coach – NESTA

Online Personal Trainer – OTC

Stress Relief Specialist – NESTA

Brain Fitness Coach – NESTA

Wellness Coach – NESTA

Food Psychology Coach – NESTA

Fitness Chef – NESTA

Fitness Nutritionist – NESTA

HRV Specialist – Bioforce, HRVcourse

Heart Rate Performance Specialist – NESTA

Spartan SGX L2*D Coach – Spartan Race

Senior Fitness Specialist – AFPA

Root Cause Failure Analysis Specialist – Reliability Center

NLP Practitioner – AUNLP

Various other courses and certifications in: nutrition; motivational coaching; program design; assessment; biomechanics; Yoga; corrective exercise; conditioning; and ergonomic living

  Completed Foundations of Heart Rate Variability course


General Health

Mental Performance

Physical Performance

Body Composition

Chronic Conditions

Stress Management

Living in Balance


Autoimmune Disorders

Blood Sugar Disorders

Digestion & Gut Health

Endurance Training


Healthy Aging

Hormone Balance

Injury Rehabilitation

Joint and Muscle Pain

Men’s Health


Optimized Movement

Strength Training

Weight Loss

Women’s Health


1-on-1 Coaching


Group Coaching

Remote Coaching

  I use Elite HRV Team with my clients

Daily HRV Reading

Health clients may provide some or all:
blood test; resting heart rate; HRV; perceived energy, mood, sleep quality; blood pressure

Health & Fitness adds:
exercise frequency; sets/reps/loads; activity


Olympia, WA, USA


English, French